UK electronic components supplier

Leotronics are well known as a UK market leader for sourcing high-quality alternatives for electronic cables and connectors from leading brands such as Molex, RS, JST or Samtex as well as manufacturing bespoke cable assemblies.

But did you know that Leotronics holds a UK stock of over 250 popular component ranges with over 1500 different lines in their on-site warehouse in Hampshire?

Mark Grimes, warehouse and UK logistics manager gives us a tour:

Mark, how did you keep this great service such a secret?

It’s not meant to be a secret!  Leotronics simply introduced a UK call-off service around 20 years ago when we purchased our current premises, with on-site warehousing facilities, which means that when a customer places a large order, for example 500,000 pieces, we store them here at no extra cost for annual buffer requirement.

“The customer can call-off smaller next-day deliveries as and when they need them.  Not many other distributors can offer this level of service and if you order direct from a manufacturer yourself you would expect to receive it in a single delivery, otherwise you might wait up to 12 weeks for further shipments from the Far East.

“Leotronics believe that a UK warehouse offers customers the best way to secure the lowest order prices without sacrificing convenience, a large number of our customers take advantage of this service although we haven’t really promoted it.”

So anyone can order components from you and expect UK wide next-day delivery?

Yes – assuming we have it in stock. We usually hold over 250 different product ranges so there is a good chance we will be able to send it out straightaway.  Our most frequently requested products at the moment are the alternative range to Molex’s Mini and Micro fit connectors.”


What is the MOQ for these UK shipments?

“We supply commercial manufacturers rather than hobbyists, so we send out sample ranges if a customer has a requirement for quality control or to check the component’s suitability in a prototype. But the majority of orders are for 500 units or more. We don’t set a formal MOQ as we aim to offer our customers the ultimate flexibility in their stock management – they can just order what they need, when they need it. Customer feedback is very positive, so it seems to be appreciated!

“For example, yesterday I sent 4,000 FFC cables to a company in North of England who manufacture ATM machines and today my shipping list includes 500 Molex micro fit alternatives which will ultimately end up in a new top-of the range car model and 4000 crimp terminals to a new customer in Edinburgh.”

Below are the most popular products currently in-stock:

  1. Molex Mini Fit Alternative Range
  2. Molex Micro Fit Alternative Range
  3. Molex KK Alternative Range
  4. Crimping Terminals for all the above
  5. Samtec pin header Alternatives
  6. IDC Cable and Connectors
  7. FFC Cable requirements from spec order
  8. Telecom Connector Range
  9. White Plastic Polarised pin headers (Popular in the boiler industry)
  10. Bespoke cable stock for relevant customers

For a complete list of what is currently available, please contact us on 01730 893838 or send us a message using our contact form below.