A terminal block is a type of insulated electrical connector that connects or secures two or more wires together. They enable the safe connection of wires between circuits. Terminal blocks increase safety by grounding, isolating, and protecting the other components in the electrical circuit. Terminal blocks are available with finger-safe connections to prevent electrical shock.

Leotronics supply a comprehensive range of terminal blocks, offering a solution for every occasion, from terminal strips to screwless terminal blocks and all UL approved!

Types of Terminal blocks

Terminal blocks are classified based on characteristics such as structuredevice type, and termination options. Below highlights the different types:

 Feed-through Terminal Blocks – suitable for joining and/or connecting one or more conductors. They could have one or more connection levels that are on the same potential or insulated against one another.




Barrier Terminal Block – Use screws to clamp the wires. Depending on the application and environment, the Barrer terminal strip may have a small lid to protect the wiring.




PCB Spring Terminal Block – A connection is made by simply inserting the wires. Most of these terminal blocks require the wire to be attached to a ferrule before it is inserted.



Pluggable Terminal Blocks – Pluggable terminal block has a plug outlet to allow connection to a socket.

The wire is inserted and clamped with a screw. Connection to the wire is made via a plug and socket configuration. This terminal block is used in situations where a quick disconnect is required.



PCB Screw Terminal Blocks – Probably the most commonly used method for connection is the Screw-in terminal block. Screw-in terminal blocks are those that use screws as the method for holding the wires.



Leotronics offers a broad range of sizes, with most formats of terminal block available between 2.5mm and 10.16mm pitches.

We can offer a cross-reference and provide high-quality alternatives to the leading manufacturers. Our MOQ’s are low and we provide a prompt lead time. All products conform to international standards and have passed UL certification.

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