Medical electronics industry trends to know about in 2017

We are lucky to be living in a digital age where now almost anything is or will be possible thanks to technology. Due to the speed of current breakthroughs, this process is now widely referred to as the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’, and this revolution is propelling fundamental changes in almost every industry, and critically the healthcare and medical electronics industries.

Hospital technology trends

Technology is an enabler and facilitator of widespread change in the healthcare sector, with innovations aiming to reduce the amount of time we spend in hospitals, due to the  current overcrowding, sometimes  making wait times hours upon hours.

An exciting trend in the medical electronics industry is the recent developments in 3D printing technology. Innovations in this field hope to make organ transplant operations more widely available and scalable in the near future.

Robotic surgery is another key medical innovation to take note of, with a current focus on minimal access keyhole surgery being carried out remotely by means of telecommunications technology.

Home healthcare technology trends

Advancements in home healthcare technology aim to provide earlier diagnostic and real-time monitoring thanks to portable and affordable medical devices and apps.

Telemedicine plays a key role in remote patient monitoring, allowing doctors to check up on their patients’ health status via IoT-enabled solutions such as smartphone apps. Helping the patient to remain independent and reducing the need for re-hospitalisation when it’s not always  necessary.

An example of an exciting smartphone app that can remotely assist patients is the ‘Moodivator’, which aims to supplement the treatment that sufferers of depression receive. The app allows users to track their mood, set goals and establish routines, providing them with a personalised healthcare experience.

We expect to see more examples of integrating medical research with electronics in the near future.

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