Shielded RJ45

During a typical product design phase, the designer will identify components from a mainline catalogue-based distributor, based on the image and listed specs matching requirements.

In a single product, designers may be faced with specifying a wide range of components, and electronic connectors are usually one of the final parts to be designed in.

A sample is obtained, approved and the part number specified on the BOM (Bill of materials) for the buyers to procure.

It is at this stage that the buyer can run into familiar problems, including components out of stock, obsolete or near end-of-life parts, long lead times, high MOQs, limited stock availability and expensive, single source items.

The smarter buyer contacts Leotronics.

We are a small team and have a huge wealth of electronic component experience between us and we will provide advice and share suggestions – regardless of whether you make the final purchase through us or not.

For example, a buyer recently contacted us looking for a particular shielded RJ45 CAT5 connector, it is a very expensive, high-spec component retailing around the £3.50/ea pricepoint from a mainline retailer.

After further investigation and liaison with the designer, we managed to identify that for this particular product application the specification of a standard right-angle RJ45 module jack would be sufficient.

We were are able to recommend two alternative component solutions – a vertical and horizontal RJ45 – of which we had both in stock in our UK warehouse available for immediate call off.

After further discussion with the designer, we established that the vertically mounted solution would in fact be even more convenient than the originally requested item, now that the designer is aware such a format is available. Using our in-house expertise and knowledge of the electronic connectors market, Leotronics was able to help the customer achieve over 90% cost-savings AND achieve a more streamlined design.

If you are a buyer or product designer interested in sourcing quality, UL approved, electronic components or checking if alternatives are available, please contact us:

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