Leotronics supplies Africa Mobile Networks

Leotronics supplies over 10 million units of electronic components including cables and connectors to customers in the UK and worldwide each year. Whilst each piece is carefully specified, sourced, manufactured and tested, it is additionally gratifying to see the finished product in action.

Dan Wheeler, our Commercial Manager recently visited Africa Mobile Networks UK office to see first-hand Leotronics’ custom cable in use in a mobile telecoms mast.

Africa Mobile Network (AMN)is an organisation with a vision of a fully-connected Africa, with no community of any size being without basic telecommunications services to deliver social, economic, educational and other benefits to the population – achieved through the construction of many tens of thousands of new mobile network base stations.

Through development of technology, highly optimised for the rural environment AMN is bringing 2G, 3G and 4G telecommunications to communities across Africa.

Leotronics were approached by AMN with requirements for a custom cable.  In line with our standard ISO-approved processes, our team immediately contacted our sourcing agents to find the best supplier to manufacture the required custom cable; a full quote along with technical drawings were provided to AMN within 2 weeks.

Less than 3 weeks later, AMN had received a sample cable which they were able to test in-situ.  As part of Leotronics’ commitment to quality, a product sample is always provided for approval.  No matter how well defined a technical spec might be, there is no substitute for actually putting the component into place – and confirming that it does indeed fit and perform in line with product expectations. This prevents errors and saves both time and money in the long-run.

Within 5 weeks of the initial enquiry, Leotronics had been able to provide a quote and sample to the customer – both of which were approved.


Understanding the nature of AMN’s business and operation has zero effect on the product quote or quality, but it has allowed Leotronics to support AMN in other ways. For example, achieving the optimum balance of delivery time and costs; instead of a single delivery quote, Leotronics arranged partial delivery by airfreight direct to Zambia to meet urgent demand, with the rest of the order being delivered by more cost-effective options to Leotronics’ on-site warehouse in Hampshire, where it will be stored, ready for call-off.

Credit terms is another area where building a relationship helps Leotronics to better support the customer.  Unlike previous suppliers who offered a one-size-fits-all approach, Leotronics were able to recognise the cash-flow challenges of a rapidly growing business and provide more flexible payment terms, which in turn will help AMN to achieve their growth targets and vision.

John Owens, Project Manager at AMN commented “Working with Leotronics has been a breath of fresh air. Not only are they efficient, providing competitive quotes and samples in a very short time, but they took the time to visit us, to understand our business, and offer us support in so many ways. We are delighted with the product and the service and look forward to a productive relationship with Leotronics in future, as AMN continues to bring telecommunications to more rural communities across Africa.”

Dan Wheeler, Commercial Manager at Leotronics adds “I have really enjoyed working with AMN. It is so rewarding to see how our custom cable is contributing to the amazing work of AMN, and how, indirectly, we are actually helping to bring mobile communications to communities in Africa. I try to visit as many of our customers as possible, as understanding the client’s business enables Leotronics to provide so much additional value through tailored credit terms, flexible delivery options as well as developing the most appropriate custom electronic cables and components.”

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