Old £10 note to disappear next year

If you still have any of the old £10 notes, now is the time to spend them as they will not be legal tender as of March 1st 2018, however you can still exchange them at the bank after the cut-off date.

The new notes are made from a polymer material which the Bank of England says to be far more durable and hygienic than their paper predecessors. The latest note to enter circulation in September, the £10 note, depicts author Jane Austen as well as many fascinating security features, such as:

  • Winchester cathedral in gold foil on the front and silver on the back
  • A quill that changes colour from purple to orange
  • A transparent window featuring the Queen
  • A hologram which says “ten” and then “pounds” as the note is tilted

The polymer material has received a backlash from religious and vegan groups who believe using animal fat tallow is unethical, however after consultation the Bank of England decided it would persevere with the material, saying it “has not taken this decision lightly”.

Alternatives such as palm oil and coconut oil were contemplated, but they concluded that they might not be able to source these sustainably and changing production would considerably cost taxpayers.

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