Leotronics can provide the right technical advice on your engineering projects to ensure you meet both deadlines and budgets. We’re dedicated to customers satisfaction and pride ourselves on answering customer enquiries within 24 hours.

Planning your project

Our technical director has years of industry specific experience and a thorough knowledge of interconnection systems and cables assemblies. Together with the team at Leotronics, he will work with your designers to help see through your projects from start to finish.

We liaise with trusted manufacturers from around the world to supply designers with detailed information, data sheets, product specs and samples, all of which are available for you to see on our website.

We research and source the best electronic connectors and cable assemblies to suit the unique needs of your specifications. Our global network of suppliers also means we can source the correct products from around the world to meet your needs and your budget.

Budget expectations

Budget is always a consideration for any project, and by working closely with our technical director you can make decisions early on that save you money further down the line. He will be able to suggest the best electronic connectors and cable assembly solutions to suit your needs and even suggest alternative strategies and other viable working solutions.

Accredited manufacturers

Leotronics works with accredited manufacturers all around the world, which means we are able to get the exact components required for your project at the best possible price.  And as an ISO 9001:2015 accredited company, you can trust us to consistently deliver high quality electronic connectors, cable assemblies and services.

Good communications

The key to any successful collaboration is good communication and that’s what our team promises. At Leotronics, we always get back to our customers within 24 hours, that way you know what we’re doing and we can react quickly to any design developments.

Contact Leotronics

To discuss your engineering projects with our technical advisor, you can contact Leotronics here or give us a call on +44 (0)1730 893838.